EP Global Opportunities Trust plc

Potential “Boiler Room” Scam

Edinburgh Partners has been made aware of shareholders in EP Global Opportunities Trust plc (the “Company”) receiving unsolicited contact from persons purporting to be financial intermediaries and claiming that the Company is being bid for and/or offering to facilitate transactions in the Company’s shares. Edinburgh Partners believes these communications are linked to fraudulent activity and the Financial Conduct Authority has been notified accordingly. Any shareholder who receives unsolicited communications of this nature is urged to exercise extreme caution and should contact their authorised financial adviser if they require advice.

Further guidance on boiler room scams and similar matters may be found on the Financial Conduct Authority website at: 


Investment Objective

The investment objective for EP Global Opportunities Trust plc is to provide shareholders with an attractive real long-term total return by investing globally in undervalued securities. The portfolio is managed without reference to the composition of any stockmarket index.

Performance Chart

For 5 year performance history, this information can be found on the Trust Factsheet

Past performance is no guide to future performance
Trust inception date 15 Dec 2003. Share Price and FTSE All World Index total returns are sourced from Refinitiv Datastream. Share price returns are calculated on a closing mid price basis. NAV returns, including current period income, are sourced from Edinburgh Partners. All dividends are reinvested at the ex-dividend date.