About Us

Edinburgh Partners is an independent-minded fund management company which specialises in equity investment.

Our focus is long-term equity management, based on absolute valuation. We specialise in Global, International, EAFE, European and Emerging Market equities.

Our portfolios are managed by a highly experienced investment team, operating within a flat management structure.

We believe that the most consistent way of identifying successful investments is to focus on companies’ future earnings. In particular, we concentrate on five-year earnings forecasts. This approach can, in turn, lead to lower turnover of portfolios over the long-term.

We look at risk in absolute terms. We are not interested in where we are positioned relative to a benchmark. Instead, our risk controls focus on the potential for an investment to lose money. Consequently, our approach has sometimes been referred to as unconstrained.

There are limits to the size to which we aim to grow. This is to ensure the investment team spend the majority of their time on company analysis.